The character Z, smiling and raising their hand.

Want to be a part of the awesome crew that makes A to Z? Look no further! This page gives you all the stuff you need to know. You can apply for and be anything as long as you meet the requirements.


  • Be at least 13 years old. Don’t worry if you’re not old enough yet, you can still be interviewed and help out the show in other ways by giving us feedback!
  • Have a Discord account. This is where all the crew talks happen!
  • You’ll need an email to apply, and to send your invitation to the crew chat.
  • Be open-minded, kind, and willing to learn.
  • Currently looking for colorists!
  • You’ll need to send at least one of your own art pieces as an image file.
  • Optionally, you can provide a link to a social media account or Google Drive folder where you’ve shared your art.
  • As an artist, you’ll be working on specific frames of the animation and uploading them to a Google Drive folder. Color palettes and character references are provided for you to follow.
  • You don’t need to send anything in order to help research!
  • All you need is an interest in activism and any topics the show might talk about.
  • Researchers help gather sources (and the useful bits from them) and compile them for writers to reference.
  • They may also help come up with questions for interviews, or be an interviewer themselves!
  • Currently looking for script writers and authors of blog/social media posts!
  • You’ll need to send a link to one piece of writing you’ve done before.
  • Dialogue-heavy pieces are great for script writers, and informational writing for bloggers, but anything will do!
  • Optionally, you can provide a link to a social media account or Google Drive folder where you’ve shared your writing.
  • As a script writer, you’ll be working on each episode alongside others. They are mostly dialogue, but actions and informational sections as well, so you can shine in whatever you’re best at!
  • As a blogger, you’ll be helping to write posts for the blog and/or social media.
  • All you need for voice acting is your voice! A good microphone is preferred, but not absolutely required.
  • You’ll be recording lines and sending audio files to a Google Drive folder.
  • Volunteer Application

  • You'll be able to choose or audition for any role, but this question is to figure out how active you can be.